Monday, March 21, 2016

Great Day at #MOETown: Superintendent's Office Hours!

Meeting with SGA Reps in New Collaboration Space
I had a great day at Mt. Olivet (#MOETown) as a part of my Superintendent's Office Hours a couple of weeks ago.  During the day, I had an opportunity to see high-quality instruction taking place in several classrooms.  In addition, I had the awesome opportunity to meet with student leaders to learn about strengths and challenges for their school.  The schedule below provides a list of some of the day's activities:

  • Walked the building to speak to students and staff as the school day got started.
  • Visited several classrooms to observe instruction and assist as needed (Mrs. Wright, Mrs. Mitchell, Mrs. Lankford, Ms. Wood, and Mrs. Cassell).
  • Met with Mrs. Minter, principal, and Mrs. Sandy Strayer, Assistant Superintendent for Teaching and Learning, to review data and discuss progress toward meeting established goals.
  • Reviewed student writing throughout the building with QR codes that linked to a recording of students reading their work!
  • Met with a parent to obtain feedback related to the school.
  • Joined the first grade at the YMCA to watch them participate in their swimming lesson (What a great partnership we have with the YMCA!).  
Overall, it was a great day at Mt. Olivet!  I was impressed with the students' writing K-5.  I was also impressed with the powerful instructional strategies I saw during the day (focus on writing, nonfiction reading, and differentiation).  I was also impressed with the positive attitudes observed throughout the day and the opportunities provided to develop student leadership.  I look forward to future visits to #MOETown!

Hanging out with first grade at the YMCA after their swimming lesson

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