Thursday, February 18, 2016

A Busy Day at Drewry Mason Elementary: Superintendent's Office Hours

Reviewing "telling time" with Kindergarten Students in Mrs. Williams' Class
 I recently spent the day at Drewry Mason Elementary as a part of my Superintendent's Office Hours.  Wow, it was a busy day!  I like to stay busy, so I told the principal, Dr. Lewis, to schedule me to work with students and teachers throughout the day.  She did not disappoint!  When I arrived, she provided me with a detailed schedule to follow throughout the day.  The schedule provided  valuable opportunities for me to work closely with students, teachers, and staff throughout the day.  I continue to be impressed with how hard our staff work each and every day to serve the students in their care.  The list below includes just some of my activities during my day at Drewry Mason Elementary:

  • Worked with students on writing in Mrs. Joyce's Kindergarten class (Daily 5). Her students are developing into proficient writers!
  • Participated in an "unannounced" lockdown drill while I was in Mrs. Joyce's class.  Mrs. Joyce and the students did an outstanding job!
  • Assisted students in Mrs. Compton's 2nd grade class as they completed their word work.
  • Visited with Mrs. Martin's preschool class.  I was able to join students in the play-dough center.  It was also great to see the preschool students meet to "debrief" their work in the centers.  So amazing to see preschoolers working on communication and collaboration skills!
  • Worked with 4th grade students on multiplication in the DME Teacher of the Year's Classroom (Mrs. Cox).  
  • Enjoyed lunch in the cafeteria with Dr. Lewis and a fun group of kindergarten students.
  • Assisted 5th grade students with revising their writing in Mrs. Aldridge's class.
  • Assisted with dismissing car riders at the end of the day.  It was great to see the parents and grandparents who came to pick up their children at the end of the day.

As I reflect on my day at DME, I am encouraged by the great work taking place at the school.  The teachers and staff are working to implement Daily 5 with fidelity.  They are also working to differentiate in order to meet their students' needs.  I was also impressed by the strong work ethic and positive attitude that the staff exhibited, even when things did not go as expected.  Keep up the great work, DME.  I look forward to future visits!  
Working on multiplication with 4th grade students