Friday, January 15, 2016

Great Day at FC Middle: Superintendent's Office Hours

Learning about equations in Mrs. Lester's math class
I had a great day at FC Middle School this week as a part of my Superintendent's Office Hours.  I had the opportunity to visit several classrooms to observe instruction, and I had lots of opportunities to interact with students and staff throughout the day.  The list below includes just a few of my activities during my visit:
  • Greeted students as they prepared to start  a great day of learning.
  • Visited the newly renovated media center to see the updated floor, paint, and mobile furniture.  It is clear that this will be a great place to support and encourage student creativity and collaboration!
  • Joined 8th grade students in the auditorium as they learned about the new Bengal Tech Academy scheduled to start at Bassett High School during the 2016-2017 school year.  Several students said that they plan to apply for this innovative program.
  • Met with a parent of a 7th grade student to discuss concerns he has about various topics as well as suggestions for improvement.   
  • Visited several classrooms with principal, Mr. Campbell, and our Assistant Superintendent for Teaching and Learning, Mrs. Sandy Strayer.  
  • Met with Mr. Campbell and Mrs. Strayer to discuss academic progress the school is making so far this year.  We reviewed student data and discussed instructional initiatives as FC Middle School.
  • Enjoyed lunch in the cafeteria with staff and students.
  • Spent time in Mrs. Lester's math class as students worked to solve equations by solving for "x."
  • Created a "self-portrait" in Mrs. Fleagle's art class.  I have to say that the students had some really creative self-portraits!
  • Assisted Mr. Warrick with his history lesson related to "taxation without representation."  I played the part of the tax collector to help the students get a sense of why the American colonists were not pleased with England prior to the American Revolution.  
Overall, it was a busy and productive day.  I was pleased to see the teachers working hard to make learning relevant for students.  It was also great to see the students engaged in learning throughout the day.  I'm looking forward to my next visit to FC Middle!

Developing my artistic side in Mrs. Fleagle's art class

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