Wednesday, November 25, 2015

A Great Day at Bassett High School: Superintendent's Office Hours

Marketing students designing tools out of cardboard for the DECA Challenge
I had an exciting day at Bassett High School last week as a part of my Superintendent Office Hours at each school.  I have to admit that the day flew by!  The students and staff at Bassett encouraged me to visit several classrooms and take part in some of their planned activities.  I had the opportunity to see creativity and collaboration in action.  The list below includes some of my activities during the day:
  • Walked the building with Bassett's principal, Mr. Gibbs, to discuss plans for the renovation for the New Tech program that is slated to start at Bassett next fall.
  • Talked with marketing students (above) who were excited to start their DECA design challenge that requires them to create/invent a tool out of cardboard.  Students were also working on videos to introduce their new product!
  • Participated in an art lesson in Mrs. Hatchett's art class and even added glaze to a clay pot (below)!
  • Stopped by the band room to see the band students warming up and preparing for the Martinsville parade.
  • Observed the chorus students who were learning a brand new song from the movie, "Titanic" on the hand bells.  By the way, I couldn't tell it was their first time playing it!
  • Joined the culinary arts class for a delicious Thanksgiving lunch that they prepared for the holiday.
  • Met with the media specialist to discuss plans for the new media center at Bassett High School.
  • Participated in a meeting with HCPS operational staff to discuss issues and challenges related to facilities, transportation, and human resources. 

Students playing theme from "Titanic" on hand bells

Overall, I had a great day at Bassett High School.  It was great to see our students engaged in meaningful learning activities.  It was also powerful to see teachers who are taking risks to create opportunities for students to be creative and collaborative.  I was also reminded of the awesome students we have in Henry County.  As educators, we need to continue to make it our goal to create relevant, engaging learning opportunities for our students.  This is why we are talking about expanding New Tech to BHS, increasing opportunities for online learning, developing additional career and technical programs for students, and maintaining partnerships with Patrick Henry Community College (PHCC), and New College Institute (NCI) to provide relevant programming for students.  High school should be fun, engaging, relevant, and challenging for students as we want all students to graduate ready for college, career, and citizenship.  My visit at Bassett High School confirmed for me that we are on the right track.  Thank you, Bengals!  It was great visit!  I look forward to coming back soon!

Attempting to glaze a clay pot in Mrs. Hatchett's art class.

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