Friday, September 4, 2015

Way to Go, Lancer Staff!

I had the opportunity to speak to the staff at Laurel Park Middle School this week.  I wanted to take the time to thank them for their collaborative efforts in support of student success.  Based on last year's SOL results, Laurel Park Middle School students made substantial gains.  In fact, I highlighted several points of pride that are noted below:

  • Passing rates for Laurel Park students increased in all core areas!
  • Student passing rates increased by 13 percentage points in English: Reading.
  • Student passing rates increased by 12 percentage points in Science.
  • Student passing rates increased by 7 percentage points  in mathematics.
  • Student passing rates increased by 3 percentage points in Social Studies.
  • Students met the state benchmark in all areas except English: Reading which is only 1 percentage point away from the state benchmark.
  • Passing rates for African American students at Laurel Park increased by 17 percentage points in English: Reading and 18 percentage points in mathematics.  
It is important to note that these results did not happen by accident.  It was clearly a collaborative effort throughout the school.  I was fortunate to see this in action when I visited Laurel Park last year.  I was impressed to see teachers working together to analyze data and plan for instruction.  I also observed teachers assisting students in other content areas to ensure that students mastered the necessary content.  During the meeting on Wednesday, teachers made a list of several strategies that they feel contributed to student success.  In addition, teachers worked together to discuss resources that will be needed to continue to promote student achievement at Laurel Park.  I also had fun watching the Lancer faculty participate in a great team building activity!  Laurel Park is filled with hard working, positive professionals who are dedicated to meeting the needs of every child.  I know that they will have continued success with their students this year.  Indeed, they are off to a great start.  Go Lancers!

Laurel Park teachers thinking critically and working as a team!

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