Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Celebrating Success with the FC Cavaliers!

It was an honor to meet with the faculty at FC Middle a couple of weeks ago to congratulate them on the progress they are making toward increasing student achievement.  I was proud to announce that their students have demonstrated gains in all content areas.  Some of the increases are noted below:

  • Passing rates for English: Reading increased by 8 percentage points when compared to Spring 2014 results.
  • Passing rates for mathematics increased by 7 percentage points when compared to Spring 2014 passing rates.
  • Passing rates for science increased by 12.5 percentage points!
  • Passing rates for social studies increased by 7 points over Spring 2014 results.
In addition to increases in overall passing rates, FC Middle experienced increases for specific student groups to include the following:
  • The passing for African American students increased by 12 percentage points in English: Reading and 9 percentage points in mathematics.
  • The passing rates for Hispanic student increased by 15 percentage points in English: Reading and 16 percentage points in mathematics.
I am very proud of the progress teachers and students are making at FC Middle, but there is still work to do.  I stayed for the rest of the faculty meeting to participate in some of the department discussions around student data and effective instructional strategies.  I was pleased to hear the powerful conversations taking place among the teachers and administrators.  Teachers discussed effective instructional strategies in all core areas.  In addition, they discussed ways to improve student behavior. The teachers discussed ways to encourage reading and writing throughout the curriculum.  In addition, they talked about ways to support students with mastering essential vocabulary.  The math teachers talked about the importance of using the vocabulary to encourage students to use "the language of math" each day in the classroom.  I am confident that students will continue to achieve success at FC Middle.  Have a great year, Cavaliers!  

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