Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Celebrating Gains at Campbell Court Elementary!

Last week, I had the opportunity to speak to the staff at Campbell Court Elementary about the gains their students achieved this past year.  Based on preliminary SOL results, CCE experienced gains in the following areas:

  • Passing rates for English: Reading increased by 5 percentage points when compared to Spring 2014.
  • Passing rates for mathematics increased by 3 percentage points when compared to last year.
  • The passing rate for African American students increased by 16 percentage points for English: Reading!
  • The passing rates for Hispanic students increased by 1 percentage point in English: Reading and 9 percentage points in mathematics!
While it appears that Campbell Court Elementary will most likely miss full accreditation status this year by only 1 percentage point when the final results are published, it is important to acknowledge the gains that were made last year.  In addition, it is vital to acknowledge the fact that these gains happened because of  the hard work and diligence on behalf of the staff and students at CCE.  Based on the progress made last year, I'm 100% confident that CCE will earn regain their full accreditation status at the end of this school year!  Thanks for all you do, Bengals!


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