Thursday, November 13, 2014

"Take Your Legislators to School" was a Success!

Senator Stanley, Mary Franklin (Del. Marshall's Office)
and Del. Adams talking with Warrior Tech Students
This week, we invited several of our legislators to visit our schools to learn more about the programs we have available to students in HCPS.  We were fortunate to have Senator Bill Stanley, Delegate Les Adams, and Mary Franklin (from Delegate Danny Marshall's Office) take us up on the offer!  The tour started at NCI and the group finished with a tour of several classes and programs at Magna Vista High School.  Our legislators were very interested in our programs, and they asked several times how they can help support our efforts in HCPS.

I joined the group for part of the tour.  I was most impressed with our students.  Mrs. Black, principal of Magna Vista High School, selected several student leaders to serve as tour guides for the tour. These student leaders planned the tour for the visitors, and took the lead by explaining the exciting work they are involved in at school and sharing information about their learning experiences.  I was impressed by their leadership and communication skills.  This is another example of a time when I have been reminded of the importance of high expectations.  We have to always remember that students rise to these expectations each and every day.  Our students have incredible potential to be leaders, we just need to "get out of their way" and provide them with opportunities to show leadership.  Our legislators were very impressed with our school division, but I think they were more impressed with our students!  In my opinion, this is how you determine the effectiveness of a school and school division.  Our students need to be the ones who tell the story through their success.

Legislators learning about FFA Programs at MVHS
Goal 1: High Quality Instruction
Goal 5: Family and Community Engagement

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