Tuesday, November 4, 2014

No Bullies in HCPS!

"Bullies Make Us Sick" Display at Carver Elementary
As Superintendent for Henry County Public Schools, I have the opportunity to visit schools throughout the year.  Last week, I visited G. W. Carver Elementary.  As a fall activity, each of the classrooms decorated a pumpkin to put on display in front of their classroom.  I was immediately drawn to this display in from of Ms. Shelburne's preschool class.  The pumpkin display had the caption, "Bullies Still Make Us Sick."  Mrs. Edmonds, the principal, told me that the class created a similar display last year.  This year the teacher and students decided to continue with this important message and they added the word "still" to emphasize how important it is to get this message out.  As a part of our strategic plan in HCPS, EnVision 2018, we are working to maintain a safe and orderly environment in all of our schools.  I've learned over the years that our parents and students play a critical role in this process.  It is so important for students to report any safety or other concerns to a responsible and caring adult in the school.  It is my expectation that HCPS staff address any and all concerns in a timely manner.  Sometimes our students would prefer to report these concerns or issues to their parents.  As a result, it is so important that our parents contact the school principal to immediately share these concerns so that they can be addressed.  Certainly, our parent/school partnership is vital in matters like this.  We want all students to feel safe and respected in our schools.   It is important for everyone to work together to ensure student success!
Goal 3:  Safe and Orderly Schools

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