Friday, October 10, 2014

Creativity and Communication at Axton Elementary!

Lego Build Depicting Jamestown Settlement
I had a great visit at Axton Elementary today. As a part of my visit, I always stop by classrooms to observe great teaching and learning first hand.  When I entered Ms. Kirks' class, I was intrigued by the project the students were completing.  Using Legos, the students were asked to create a model for the first permanent English settlement at Jamestown.  Prior to this activity, students learned important facts about Jamestown and reviewed information about the reasons Jamestown was established, the challenges the early colonists faced, and historical figures who contributed to the success of Jamestown. It was clear to see that the students were highly engaged in this activity.  Most importantly, I could see how this activity provided opportunities for students to demonstrate creativity and communication skills.

Clearly, the students had to be creative because they had to "think outside the box" to complete this task.  Students had to find ways to use available resources to create a model of Jamestown.  As I visit schools and see students working with Legos in activities like this, I am always impressed by their creativity.  In addition, the teacher had several students share their models with the class.  This provided the students with an opportunity to develop their communication skills.  Students had to share the aspects of their model and how each component was connected to information they learned about Jamestown.  What a great activity!  I'm confident that the students in this class will remember important information about Jamestown long after today's lesson.  

Goal 1: High Quality Instruction

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